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“Shinagawa area” is the most evolving area in Tokyo.

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“Shinagawa area” is the most evolving area in Tokyo.

We would like to introduce attraction of Shinagawa this time.


■Basic information

Area: 22.84 sqkm(No. 10 in Tokyo 23 districts)
Population: 396,996 people(As of 1st April 2019)
Houses: 222,737 houses
Shinagawa-ku consists of two areas, the west side is the plateau area at the east end of Musashino Plateau and the east side is the coastal area facing Tokyo Bay.
Shinagawa has been an important transportation hub and commercial base since the old days. Today, it is one of Tokyo’s major transit hubs for those people using Shinkansen and airplane. There are developments that will transform Shinagawa into an even bigger transit point with the goal of making it into Japan’s newest global gateway in the next decade.
There are many major international companies which have headquarter or main office in Shinagawa-ku such as Sony, Japan Airlines and Fuji Electric.

■Projects in Shinagawa

Takanawa Gateway Station next to Shinagawa Station will open in 2020.

It will be the 30th station on JR Yamanote Line which line is the Tokyo's busiest and the most important line as well. Takanawa Gateway Station is the first new station in about 50 years on JR Yamanote Line so it attracts attention from people and medias.
This area has been enjoyed since ancient times as a gateway to “Edo”. It has a historical background of the area where railways connecting the regions opened in the Meiji Period.
The new town aims to form an international exchange base where advanced companies and human resources gather from all over the world. The new station will inherit the history of this area and will continue to function as an exchange base in the future. This new station is expected to be the development of the whole town as a knot connecting the past and the future, Japan and the world, people and people.
Development projects are the office buildings, hotels, commercial buildings and high-rise skyscrapers will be built in this area, which is scheduled to open in 2024.


Linear Chuo Shinkansen (Maglev, max speed at 500km/hr) in 2027

★Shinagawa~Nagoya: 40 minutes

★Tokyo~Osaka: 67minutes  *if fastest. Planned commencement in 2037
Linear Chuo Shinkansen not only makes transportation more convenient, but also makes the connection between Tokyo and Aichi Prefecture (where Nagoya is located) closer, accelerating the cooperation and development between the tertiary industry(financing and service) in Tokyo and the secondary industry(manufacturing) in Aichi Prefecture.
We can foresee that people coming and going between East and West Japan will be more frequent in the future.


More potentials in Shinagawa

Further internationalization of Haneda Airport, commencing of Shinagawa Station‘s Linear Chuo Shinkansen in 2027, opening of Takanawa Gateway Station on JR Yamanote Line in 2020 and a lot of developments are still underway which will boost the asset value of this area dramatically.
Shinagawa is also ease to connect to Haneda Airport, which will also bring domestic and international synergy effects to the development of the Shinagawa area.
We can foresee that Shinagawa will be Japan‘s gateway to the world.


What expectations do you have for Shinagawa?
Recently, CLEARTH LIFE has launched a new property in Shinagawa.



This property is located in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
 It takes only 14 minutes to Haneda Airport on a train.
【Unit Information】
Price:From JPY 29,900,000 〈Around USD 270,000〉
Access:6 min. walk from "Tachiaigawa" Sta. on Keikyu Line
Floor area:20.88sqmt~49.64sqmt
Completion:January, 2019

Rent:Rental Guarantee with Master Lease for 4 years
Net Yield:Around 2.79~2.86%

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