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The area where real estate value will be the highest after 10 years is… Around Takanawa Gateway Station!

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The area where real estate value will be the highest after 10 years is… Around Takanawa Gateway Station!

where real estate value will not go down...?

Real estate company staffs expect the area in Tokyo. 

Centralization in Tokyo is accelerating year by year as population decline has become a national issue. The value of real estate in Tokyo is on an upward due to the effects of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and also urban developments.
However, not all real estate values in Tokyo are rising, and there is a fact that real estate values in some specific areas and their surroundings are rising.
Under these circumstances, we conducted questionnaire to our group company staffs about the area where real estate value will be kept.


213 questionnaires were answered by CLEARTH LIFE Group staff.
Period of questionnaire collection: Between 31st August 2018 and 7th September 2018
*It is not the average of all answers, but the average of answers that are valid.


Question: Considering the future asset value of real estate, which area/ward within 23 wards do you think the value will not go down? Please select “5” areas/wards.

問1 PIC

The first place is Minato-ku(ward), followed by Shibuya-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Chuo-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Shinagawa-ku and Meguro-ku.

Question: Where is the popular/hottest station in and around Tokyo central with real estate value you think?

Stations in Tokyo that gets staffs’ attention = popular, the results are as follows;

問2 PIC

The first place is Shibuya Station, followed by around Shinagawa & Takanawa Gateway Station, Shimbashi & Toranomon Station, Ebisu Station, Ginza Station, around Roppongi Station and Ikebukuro Station.

Shibuya Station:

“Redevelopment in front of the station and large-scale development of transportation infrastructure are underway.”
“As it has been a big terminal station already and is undergoing further redevelopment.”
“We believe that the development of "playgrounds" for young people around the station and the increase in the number of offices where IT-related companies will concentrate due to redevelopment will lead to growth in the future will provide new opportunities for the formation and dissemination of new cultures.” etc., it seems to be appraised for being redeveloped further although it’s in the center.

Around Shinagawa and Takanawa Gateway Station:

“As new station “Takanawa Gateway Station” will be built between Tamachi and Shinagawa, large-scale projects such as redevelopment of the entire area, redevelopment of Shinagawa Station and Linear Chuo Shinkansen are underway.”
“New station of “Takanawa Gateway Station” on JR Yamanote Line scheduled to be pre-opened in 2020 to start with, redevelopment around the station and Linear Chuo Shinkansen scheduled to operate in 2027 are confirmed.”
High expectations are placed on the opening of new station and Liner Chuo Shinkansen.

Shimbashi & Toranomon Station:

“Toranomon Hills was completed in 2014 and construction of high-rise buildings has progressed since then, and land prices have risen considerably.”
“New Hibiya Line station “Toranomon Hills Station” has already started the construction. Since the plan to connect Roppongi and Toranomon has been materialized, the land prices have risen.” Toranomon Hills is being completed and Toranomon Hills Station in the future is attracting attention.

Question: Where do you think stations in Tokyo that land prices will increase in 10 years?

We asked our staffs “Where are the stations in Tokyo that land prices will increase in 10 years?” Here are the answers;

問3 PIC

The first place is overwhelmingly around Shinagawa & Takanawa Gateway Station, followed by Shibuya Station, Toyosu & Kachidoki Station, Gotanda Station and Shimbashi & Toranomon Station.
The result was very different from the most popular/hottest station in Tokyo.
In response to the overwhelming number of answers around Shinagawa & Takanawa Gateway Station, in addition to its role as a terminal station, new station and Linear Chuo Shinkansen are in progress. There seem to be many people who think that the land prices will not go down after 10 years.


Minato-ku was chosen as the ward where land prices do not go down, but when it comes to specific areas, redevelopment in front of new station and station itself seems to be the point that greatly increases land prices.
Among them, the area around Shinagawa & Takanawa Gateway Station is “With the opening of the new station on JR Yamanote Line, people gather to form an office district.”, “The new station on JR Yamanote Line will be completed. Also, Linear Chuo Shinkansen will be opened and operated.” There are expectations for several big projects.
Another attractive feature is that there is still area for redevelopment, because “the Shibaura side is still cheap and there is a need for redevelopment in the relationship between the Bay area and Takanawa Gateway Station”

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▼What is the CLEARTH LIFE’s project located around Shinagawa area?




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