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The most evolving area in Tokyo③ ~Ikebukuro in Toshima-ku~

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The most evolving area in Tokyo③ ~Ikebukuro in Toshima-ku~

We would like to introduce attraction points of Ikebukuro in Toshima-ku this time.

■Basic information

Area: 13.01㎢(No.18 in Tokyo 23 wards)
 Population density is the highest in Tokyo 23 wards.
Population: 289,508 people
(Among them, 30,223 are foreign people)
Number of households: 179,880 houses (Source: Toshima-ku Public Notice, as of 1st January 2019)

Ikebukuro is one of the three major metropolitan sub-centers along with Shinjuku and Shibuya.
It is a big town in Toshima-ku which is famous nationwide because it has downtowns and there are famous universities such as Rikkyo University.
Toshima-ku has the highest population density in the Tokyo 23 wards.
Of the three major metropolitan sub-centers, Ikebukuro’s rent is relatively affordable compared to Shinjuku or Shibuya. It has become a popular area that is ranked 1st in the list of towns where Japanese people want to live for 3 consecutive years.

■What town is IKEBUKURO?

Ikebukuro became bustle place with many people with the opening of the Kikuya Department Store (later Seibu Department Store) in 1933. The opening of the said department store triggered that the Tokyo Tram (Tokyo Shiden) started to drive into Ikebukuro and the town flourished as a transportation terminal.
After the World War II, Tobu Department Store opened its main store in Ikebukuro and Seibu Department Store acquired Tokyo Marubutsu Ikebukuro Store then changed its name to PARCO. And now it has grown into one of Tokyo’s leading downtowns.

■International city of arts & culture TOSHIMA

Currently, further redevelopments of Ikebukuro are underway.
Ikebukuro has prospered for a long time. How will this redevelopment change…?
We would like to see the redevelopments of Ikebukuro.

1. DaiyaGate Ikebukuro: Opened in April 2019
Office and Commercial facility in 20 stories building above ground 


*Photo from Ikebukuro Keizai Biz

2. Q Plaza Ikebukuro: Opened in July 2019
 Commercial facility and Cinema complex in 14 stories building above ground



3. Hareza Ikebukuro: Opened in November 2019
Commercial facility in 8 stories building above ground
Hareza Tower: Schedule to be completed in May 2020
Office, Cinema and Stores in 33 stories building above ground



4. GLOBAL RING: Opened in November 2019
Ikebukuro West Gate Park redevelopment plan


*Photo from Asahi Shimbun

5. Tokyo International University Ikebukuro Campus

: Schedule to be opened in September 2023
12 min-walk from Ikebukuro Station on JR Yamanote Line, 4 min-walk from Higashi-ikebukuro Station on Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line
Total number of students will be around 3,500
Program: English, Business Economics, International Relations, Masters program, etc.


*Photo from Tokyo International University official website

Ikebukuro has many companies as business bases, while there was a problem that the number of office buildings was small. However, ongoing redevelopment is increasing the number of office buildings and this problem is being resolved.

In addition, the number of people flowing into Ikebukuro is expected to increase due to the development of arts and entertainment facilities such as theaters and international schools. It can be said that this is the target area when investing in real estate.
If you are considering real estate investment in Tokyo, why not look for a property in the Ikebukuro area?



【Property Information】

★Good location with 10 min-walk from the apartments to Sunshine City!
Price: From JPY 32,600,000〈Around USD 293,000〉
Access: 4 min on foot from “Shin-otsuka” Station on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line.
4 min on foot from “Mukohara” Station on Tokyo Sakura Tram (Toden Arakawa Line).
6 min on foot from “Otsuka” Station on JR Yamanote Line.
11 min on foot from “Higashi-ikebukuro” Station on Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line.
◎There are 4 stations and 4 lines available around the apartments!!
Floor area: 25.65㎡~26.15㎡
Unit type: 1K
Completion: September 2019
Rent: Rental Guarantee with Master Lease for 4 years.

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