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”Bunkyo-ku", Fumi-no-Miyako_The Capital of Culture

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”Bunkyo-ku", Fumi-no-Miyako_The Capital of Culture

■ Basic information

Area: 11.29 k㎡
Population: 226,574people
Number of households: 123,472houses


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Statistics of Bunkyo-ku in 2020

According to the 2020 national census, the population increased by 20,573 (+9.36%)
compared to 2015
17 universities (83,923 students), 2 junior colleges (220 students)

■The University of Tokyo,

Nippon Medical University, Ochanomizu University,Toyo University, Toho Gakuen University, etc.

■What kind of city is Bunkyo-ku ?

A city nurtured by history , culture and greenery

Until now, Bunkyo Ward has been called Bunkyo Prefecture and has developed toward becoming a cultural city. This is because the residents of the ward and the ward goverment have continued to make efforts as one.

■Feature of Bunkyo Ward

New vitality is born from various regional industries, from traditional crafts inherited from the Edo era (1603-1868) to printing,
bookbinding, medical-related industries, and venture companies that collaborate with industry and academia.

■History of Bunkyo Ward

In the Edo period (1590), 432 years ago, Ieyasu Tokugawa entered Edo Castle and focused on the development of the downtown area.
In Bunkyo-ku, historical shrines and temples such as samurai residences, Denzuin Temple, Gokokuji Temple, and Nezu Shrine were built, and Bunkyo-ku was gradually formed as a town.

During the Meiji era (1816-1912), many of the sites of samurai residences in various regions used for education and military, and in 1877,
 the University of Tokyo opened on the site of the Kaga Maeda Residence.
Since then, Bunky-ku has played a role in promoting academic research and higher education in Japan.


Bunkyo Festival for each season

Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo is a place full of greenery and nature.

Spring : Yushima Tenjin Shrine (Plum Festival), Harimazaka Cherry Blossom Trees (Sakura Festival), Nezu Shrine (Azalea Festival)
Summer : Hakusan Shrine (hydrangea festival), Denzuin (morning glory market), Genkakuji (acid syrup market)
Autumn : Nezu Shrine (Downtown Nezu and Sendagi Festival)
Many such fascinating festivals (events) are held.
Surrounded by nature, it is a place where you can appreciate and enjoy various plants all year round.
It is a valuable place to calm your mind even in Tokyo.


■Bunkyo-ku is the birthplace of literature .

With the dawn of the Edo era in 1603, many writers have spent time in Bunkyo-ku.
Basho Matsuo and Nanpo Ota are literary figures that everyone in Japan knows.

In the Meiji era of 1868, many writers and poets such as SyoyoTsubouchi, Ogai Mori, Soseki Natsume, Ichiyo Higuchi, and Takuboku Ishikawa gathered and loved this place (Bunkyo-ku).
They have produced many excellent works.


■A town with various facilities and daily necessities

① LaQua  (Tokyo Dome City)

In addition to facilities where you can enjoy natural hot springs and bedrock baths, you can use about 70 stores and restaurants.
Main stores: Supermarket (Seijo Ishii), Pharmacy (Matsumotokiyoshi), Life miscellaneous goods (MUJI), Stationery miscellaneous goods (Loft), Casual clothes (Unichrome), Confectionery (Linz, Godiva), etc.

② Bunkyo Garden  (Grand opening in April 2022)

Bunkyo Garden, a large-scale complex project with houses, offices and commercial facilities adjacent to Kasuga Station, where four subway lines intersect, will enhance the convenience of living and create a new bustle.
Main stores: 33 stores including supermarkets (Maruetsu), restaurants (Gusto), convenience stores (Lawson), banks, hospitals, pharmacies, music classes, English conversation classes, etc.

③ There are 5 shopping streets  within a 15-minute walk from "CONCIERIA Korakuen HILLTOP SQUARE".

(Fukutokukai, Myogadani Five Associations, Koishikawa Suzuran Dori Shopping Street, Yanagimachi Naka Dori Shopping Street, Enma Dori Shopping Street)

There are many daily goods stores around  "CONCIERIA Korakuen HILLTOP SQUARE ", so you can live a comfortable life.


* The layout of each facility is a concept and may differ from the actual one.

For the past two years, the world, including Japan, has taken rigorous steps to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
In it, people's freedom of life and movement was restricted, and their lives changed dramatically.
More and more workers are adopting remote work and are more focused on living environment and comfort than before.
Bunkyo Ward has everything people "desire ", such as historycultureshoppingleisure , and nature .
You can get a satisfying time and life in your daily life.


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