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  • Areas in Tokyo and its suburbs

◆Emerging business district

Foreign-affiliated companies and foreign workers will come here to enhance Tokyo's international competitiveness.

It's a place where capital gathers with immeasurable potential.

"Shinagawa " Station has 7 train lines such as JR Yamanote Line , Keihin Tohoku Line , Keihin Kyuko Line , etc.,
and is a huge station used by 40 million passengers per day.

From there, you can reach Haneda Airport in 12 minutes, and in the near future it will be the departure station of the Linear Chuo Shinkansen Line .
"Shinagawa " has been developing economics amazingly as a keystone of transportation.

Consequently, it has increased the population by 5.5 million for the past 10 years. (115.7%)
People's vitality will definitely bring more value to real estate asset.

◆A town where has necessities of life such as food, clothing, housing, and fun.

3 major towns that make your daily life vivid.


1: Shinagawa

Not only for commerce, it's a place full of sightseeing, entertainment and art, so it's very suitable town for people who love fashion and art.
It's an exciting town where has Maxell Aqua ParkT.JOY PRINCE Shinagawa , T.Y.HARBOR , etc.,
so you won't get tired of your daily life.

Popular facility, “Maxell Aqua Park ” (4-10-30, Takanawa, Shinagawa-ku / 5 min. on foot from “Shinagawa” station)

It's an aquarium with the world's first transmissive touch panel, so you can enjoy watching feeling marine life gracefully swimming in the water.
The intuitive paradise name is perfect for the facility.People of all ages can enjoy it purely like a child.
In addition, the dolphin show brings a fresh experience every time you visit, with seasonal themes and performances.


2: Osaki

A recently redeveloped town with commercial facilities, office buildings, improved roads and a dramatically developed transportation network.
The convenience of living has improved and it's now a well-known town.

From "Osaki " station, you can use the JR Yamanote Line ,
JR Saikyo Line , JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line , Tokyo Rinkai Kosoku Tetsudo , and Keio Sagamihara Line , and the number of passengers exceeds 170,000.

The number is increasing rapidly due to the maintenance around the station.
Industry and commerce are gathered around the station as the seaside district, and many listed companies such as Sony corporation, Meidensha corporation, Lawson inc, etc. are based there.

Osaki ” is popular as a business area and vibrant town for office workers who often commute to work or go on a business trip.


3: Tamachi / Shibaura

As a near-future city in the Gulf area, “  T amachi   and Shibaura ”, which are in harmony with the water space, have a place for shopping, relaxation, and a good living environment, and events that make use of the water space are also held.


"Tamachi " Station, you can use JR Yamanote Line and Keihin Tohoku Line , connects Saitama , Tokyo and Kanagawa with a single line.
So it’s quite easy to access around Tokyo as well.
In recent years, urban redevelopment has continued around "Tamachi " Station, and it's a city with many attractions such as office buildings with cutting-edge technology and more convenient commercial facilities.


Keep your eyes out for future evolution through these huge redevelopments.
It will surely change dramatically and become an ideal city where private life and business coexist.
The more you take a walk, the more you can discover new things.There would be nothing to do with "boring ".


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