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“Yokohama“ Five Reasons for attracting people Part2

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“Yokohama“ Five Reasons for attracting people Part2

“Five Reasons” for attracting people (Continuation of the last article)


A space surrounded by greenery away from the busy daily life
Yamashita Park
Odori Park
Yokohama Park
Nogeyama Park
Yamate Park
Harbor View Park (Minato-no-Mieru Oka Park)

There are many places in Yokohama where you can see Mt.Fuji on a clear day.
Minami-ku, Yokohama City is surrounded by seven hills.
Many of the slopes have unique names based on the past activities of the area, such as the names of animals.
you can enjoy various discoveries with come in contact with plants and feeling nature.



The former Bashamichi and foreign settlements are now gateways to different cultures.
After the port of Yokohama was opened in 1859, the area developed rapidly by large merchants from Edo (Tokyo) and merchants from each port of Edo Bay.
People, products and information came and went where the foreign settlements, Japanese towns, government districts and open ports for commercial transactions.

Reportedly, Yokohama functioned as the forefront of foreign cultures as modernization policies that gradually incorporated Western civilization progressed.
Even now, you can enjoy the townscape where remnants of Western culture coexist with modern architecture that continues to evolve.


There are a lot of administrative and cultural facilities around Kannai as the center of Yokohama.
(Kanagawa Prefectural Office, Yokohama City Hall, Naka-ku Office, District Court, History Museum, Port Opening Museum, etc.)

⑤ Development

Yokohama is still evolving right now.
As the Keihin Coastal Life Innovation International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone, Yokohama is expected to improve its international competitiveness, bring ripple effects to related industries and small and med-sized enterprises, and make further economic growth and life innovation happen.

Major development projects in the surrounding area (2023-2030)

1.Kanto Gakuin University / Yokohama Kannai Branch (2023)

*Educational programs open not only to students, but also to companies, local governments, citizens, etc. will be established to serve as an innovation base.

2. K Arena Project (2023) 
3. MM 37 Tower (2023) *tentative name
4. Minato Mirai 21 Chuou (Central) District No. 53 District (2024)
5. Yokohama United Arena Main Stadium (2024)
6. Yokohama Station Northwest Tsuruya District Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project (2024)
7.Redevelopment plan on the site where Yokohama City Hall used to be (2025)
8. Harbor Edge Project (2026)
9. Minato Mirai 21 Chuou (Central) District No. 52 District (2026)
10.Redevelopment of Kitanakadori North District (2027)

11. Minatomachi (Port town) district in front of Kannai station Type 1 urban redevelopment project (2029)
*The twin towers of a complex building on the site where Yokohama City Hall used to be.
It is a large project, which is planned to have offices, rental residences, commercial facilities, a sky lounge, a global shared campus, and a museum.

12.Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line is planned to be extended
Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line, which currently runs between Azamino Station and Shonandai Station, is planned to be extend about 6.5 km from Azamino Station to Shin-Yurigaoka Station in 2030.
A new urban axis connecting Yokohama with the northern part of Kawasaki City  and the Tama area will be formed, and access functions will be more strengthened.


The enhancement of surrounding facilities will add color and comfort to people's lives, and create new businesses and e mployment at the same time.
By enriching the city and companies, the people who work there and their families will be richer and smiling .
Many people love Yokohama because there are a lot of "fun " and "dreams ".


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