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What kind of town is "Sasazuka" ?

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What kind of town is "Sasazuka" ?

What kind of town is "Sasazuka" ?

Although it is a convenient location, just 5 minutes by train from Shinjuku Station and 16 minutes from Shibuya station , you might not be familiar with Sasazuka .
Actually, Sasazuka has the “goodness that you can see only after living there”.


All local trains, rapid trains, regional express trains, and limited express trains on the Keio Line stop at Sasazuka Station .
In addition, you can also take the Keio New Line, which entry mutually with the Toei Shinjuku Line, so you can directly access not only to Kudanshita and Jimbocho , but also to Motoyawata Station in Chiba .
It has become a major means of transportation for different kind of people, including those who work in Chiyoda-ku , where government offices are concentrated, and those who commute to work or school in Shinjuku , where offices and language schools are crowded.

~Living environment~

There are eleven shopping streets around “Hatagaya ” Station, which is next to “Sasazuka ” station.
There are large supermarkets that are open until late at night, as well as Japanese, Western, and Chinese restaurants.
In addition, there are various places such as a 24-hour fitness gym, hot yoga, climbing, golf lesson school, and amusement facilities around the station, so you can find what you want to try.


~Nature and Town Development~

On the south exit side of Sasazuka Station, there is the about 2.6 km "Tamagawa Josui Old Waterworks Greenway", which forms a space of greenery and water.
During the Edo era (1600 - 1868), the Tamagawa Josui, one of the six waterworks in Edo (Tokyo), was developed as a new water supply system in order to secure drinking water as the population increased. It has finished its role and has used as a greenway. Even now, some bridges remain and leave traces at that time.
Beautiful cherry blossoms, which are planted along the promenade, bloom in spring.
The greenway is planned to redevelop by Shibuya-ku. It is planned to be reborn as a green park with a farm that grows crops and a diverse local community.

Since 2017, the three areas of Sasazuka , Hatagaya , and Hatsudai have held workshops as a town development called "Sasahatahatsu" aiming for a better future for the town and life.
For revitalizing culture and economics, they hold tea parties (tea festivals), exploring town heritage and activities by the child-rearing generation, etc., to be enjoyed safely by all generations.


Despite being in the center of Tokyo, Sasazuka is a place that makes us “want to continue living for a long time”.


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