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Real estate management APP-Wealth Park

Real estate management APP-Wealth Park

Manage your investments with ease.

CLEARTH LIFE has always adhered to the concept of providing customers with quality service.

As we boast of the Spirit "Tokyo life Concierge (Tokyo, Living, exclusive service)."

Therefore, we cooperate with Wealth Park, which specializes in the development of real estate management APP, to introduce the "customer-specific mobile device APP" developed by them. We proudly invite you to start using it. (No additional fees for downloading and using this service.)

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Details of the app function

1. Allow customers to keep track of your own property record anytime you want.

And can choose the corresponding language according to your own usage habits. (Currently available in Chinese, English and Japanese.)


2. Perfect chat system service

If you have any questions about "Property Management", "Leasing Management" or "Reselling of your property in the future", you can contact us directly through the chat system of the APP. Also we will sent notification, new property introduction, useful information regarding Japanese real estate market...etc by app chat function.


3. The management and operation of the building will be faster and more convenient.

For example, when the Annual General Meeting is held, basically all owners are required to attend it. Even if you are an overseas customer who is not currently in Japan, you will also require to participate in the General Meeting. (Customers will also be able to know the relevant decision-making matters of the property more clearly and easily.) Or if there is relevant information regarding the building or your property, it will be reported through the APP to the customers...etc.

4. Web version of the app is ready to use now.

Web version of the app is ready to use now from your computer. You can check and download your rental income any expenditures at any time.


▼Download WealthPark APP

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We have received many positive comments from customers who are currently using the app.

Those concerns of foreign investors are “Language”, “Long distance”, “Troublesome management” and so on. There also should be many points of concern that require a lot of effort, such as the inability to resolve smoothly when problems occur after purchasing a property.

However, by using the app, you can check the rental income status of your property at your convenience. Furthermore, if there are any problems or questions regarding real estate management, you can check directly through the app or contact us from time to time using the in-app chat function, and you can solve your problems in a timely manner.

Not only providing full support to our customers but also CLEARTH LIFE GROUP strives to provide more convenient and efficient services on a daily basis.

We hope to deliver the most complete, transparent and meaningful real estate information to all our customers.

When you consider purchasing real estate in Japan, please come to CLEARTH LIFE. We are more than happy to assist you.


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