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Stable asset for you・・・ Safety & Security measures of CONCIERIA

Stable asset for you・・・          Safety & Security measures of CONCIERIA
11th March 2020(Geneva time, Switzerland), WHO declared “COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic”, and the stock markets around the world such as New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo had an unprecedented crash.

While all of us are worried about health that we may be affected by the coronavirus, financial anxieties such as a crash in stock prices and a sudden appreciation of Japanese Yen in the exchange market are also bothering us.

In this unstable world, the number of people who purchase real estate that allows for stable investment is increasing. Japan has a relatively stable society and economy, and Tokyo real estate which is considered to be one of the best investment targets in terms of quality and price is attracting attention from all over the world.

The CONCIERIA brand apartments specializing in locations in the central Tokyo that CLEARTH LIFE sells with confidence, have ample safety and security measures. We are developing apartments with the primary focus on having tenants live with peace of mind and having owners hold them as stable assets.

Let’s take a look at the safety and security measures of CONCIERIA.

① Security cameras installed throughout the apartments
Although the number and type of installations vary depending on the apartments, they are installed throughout the site and common areas in the building. The image of the security cameras is projected on the monitor of the management room in real time and recorded at the same time.


② Elevator with monitor
The elevator is equipped with a security camera that captures the inside of the elevator cage. The captured video is displayed on the monitor of the elevator hall on the ground floor in real time so you can use it after confirming the safety inside the elevator cage.


③ “Tebra” sensor receiver and portable sensor device
By simply passing through the detection range of the installed sensor receiver with the portable sensor device, it can be used for unlocking the main entrance door or calling the elevator to the ground floor, etc. From this, it is possible to prevent unauthorized entry of a suspicious person.



※Some apartments have an auto-lock system that uses the following contactless key. You can hold the contactless key over the sensor receiver to unlock the main entrance door or call the elevator to the ground floor.



④ Push-Pull door handle and double-lock
The unit entrance door has a push-pull handle that can be easily opened and closed. In addition, we have double-lock for high crime prevention and consider resident’s safety.


⑤ Door viewer cover
The door viewer has a back lid to prevent peeping from the outside, giving consideration to the privacy of residents.


⑥ Switch type thumb-turn with luminescence function
You cannot lock and unlock unless you turn the thumb-turn while holding the upper and lower switches. This prevents unlocking due to unauthorized operation by turning the thumb-turn. In addition, even in the event of a sudden power failure, the luminescence part emits light, indicating the location of the thumb-turn. (It may not emit light depending on the storage time.)


⑦ Cylinder lock
The stick type reversible key which is easy to insert realizes about 5.5 trillion key differences which is superior to conventional keys. In addition, the protector embedded in the cylinder is strong against destruction and it is very difficult to illegally unlock such as lock picking.



⑧ Dead bolt with sickle
Since it is a dead bolt with a sickle, it does not easily come off from the receiving part of the door frame. It shows high crime prevention against violent acts of destruction by crowbar, etc.


⑨ Intercom with hands-free color monitor
A hands-free intercom that allows visitor to be checked on the color monitor and conversation can be easily made with the touch of the button. The main entrance door on the ground floor can be unlocked and opened with the single button as well. In the unlikely event that the emergency button on the intercom is pressed, the security company will be notified automatically via the management room.



⑩ 24-hour online machine management system by the security company
The machine manages abnormal signals such as fire, water supply equipment, elevator and alarm inside residential unit around the clock.



⑪ Security window sensor
Security sensors are installed on the windows in some units. (Usually the top and bottom residential unit floors) When the window is left open for some reasons, an alarm sounds and the security company is notified via the management room.



This time, only some of the recent facilities have been introduced. Manufacturers and model numbers may differ.
One of the features of our developed apartments is that there are many female residents and owners because the safe and secure facilities are in place as described above.

CLEARTH LIFE mainly sells completed apartments in the central Tokyo. Since it is not a pre-build, you can see the safety and security measures of the actual apartments with your eyes.
Staffs who can speak foreign languages(English and Chinese) will guide you through high-quality CONCIERIA brand apartments.

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