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New apartments that CLEARTH LIFE recommends with confidence ―CONCIERIA KORAKUEN HILLTOP SQUARE―

New apartments that CLEARTH LIFE recommends with confidence ―CONCIERIA KORAKUEN HILLTOP SQUARE―

For the first time in three years, our new project in Bunkyo-ku has finally begun selling.
Located in the literary capital, this project provides a living environment in harmony with nature and a comfortable living space.


This location has the advantage of location and convenient routes.
It is easy access to towns where commercial facilities and government offices gather, such as Ikebukuro , Tokyo Station , Ginza , Kasumigaseki , and Shinjuku West Exit .


Location Features

Bunkyo-ku has long been a city of culture. (The University of Tokyo was established in 1877)

Many famous universities in Japan (for example, not only the University of Tokyo , but also Nippon Medical School , Ochanomizu University , Toyo University , etc.) are gathered in Bunkyo-ku.
Young people who study hard every day and dream of becoming leaders of future Japanese society are gathering.
For academically enthusiastic students and their parents, Bunkyo-ku is a sacred place for literature.


For academically enthusiastic students and their parents, Bunkyo-ku is a sacred place for literature.

A tree-lined avenue of cherry blossoms in Harimazaka 

It is about 5 minute on foot from CONCIERIA KORAKUEN HILLTOP SQUARE (on-site).

This tree-lined road is famous as a tourist attraction for cherry blossoms.
150 cherry trees are planted there, and it is in full bloom from late March to early April every year.
You can enjoy the vivid scenery while taking a walk.

Koishikawa Korakuen
It is a Japanese garden designated as a special historic site and special cultural property by the country, and it is also a famous place for cherry blossoms.

Weeping cherry trees over 50 years old and various flowers are in full bloom in the garden.
You can enjoy plants such as Yoshino cherry tree, plum, and maple every season.
The weeping cherry blossoms in full bloom are like taking a shower of cherry blossoms, and their appearance is overwhelming.

Tokyo Dome (Tokyo Dome City)

There are five large dome-shaped stadiums in Japan.

One of them is "Tokyo Dome ".
It is also the home of the Yomiuri Giants in the JERA Central League of professional baseball.
In addition to baseball, it is used as a venue for a wide variety of events such as basketball, American football, mixed martial arts, the K-1 Grand Prix, and concerts by popular idol groups.

In "Tokyo Dome City ", it is popular as a place of entertainment where you can see, play and relax.
On weekends, the audience is excited by watching baseball games and concerts.



Appearance ~ The space designed with attention to detail creates a stylish and elegant atmosphere.


This is a CG image, not an actual building.

Structure: Reinforced Concrete / 15 floors above ground
Total units: 52 units
Exclusive area: 25.46㎡ - 42.63㎡ *excluding balcony area

◆Room #201, 1K (25.46㎡)◆
Southwest facing, corner room


High-quality equipment and specifications with attention to detail

◆Room #206, 1LDK (42.63㎡)◆


Higher quality and higher level of comfort 

The building has just been completed.
You can use the room for self-use or investment.

Japan has a well-developed living environment and is an economically stable country.
Since it is built in accordance with strict laws regarding the design and construction of real estate, you can trust the safety performance and long-term quality maintenance by building technology.

Why are Japanese properties, especially those located in Tokyo , so popular?

That's because almost all urban functions are there.
Many companies are gathering in Tokyo, which is the center of Japan economy, for prosperity, and as the number of companies increases, employment opportunities are created.
Universities are also opening new campuses or relocating in Tokyo.

In recent years, transportation has become even more convenient due to the large-scale redevelopment of various parts of Tokyo, the construction of new stations, the extension of train lines, and the opening of new roads.

As the number of students and workers increases, the demand for renting a room will stabilize.
You also have another option to buy it as your own home for the future.
No matter how many years have passed since the purchase, if it is a property in central Tokyo, it can be expected to be sold without losing its value.

Many of the branded apartments "CONCIERIA " provided by Claires Life are located in the center of Tokyo with high asset value .
It is an apartment that can be used for various purposes such as asset management, stable income, inheritance, second house and housing for your children.

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