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New apartments that CLEARTH LIFE recommends with confidence―CONCIERIA YOKOHAMA KANNAI

New apartments that CLEARTH LIFE recommends with confidence―CONCIERIA YOKOHAMA KANNAI

Yokohama, the port city of dreams


Address:1-16-4, Eiraku-cho, Minami-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Structure / Scale:Reinforced Concrete / 10 floors above ground
Total units:45 units (excluding manager’s room)
Floor plan:1K
Exclusive area:20.60㎡ (excluding balcony)
Completion:January 2023

Transportation: 2 stations and 2 lines are accessible on foot

6 min. on foot from "Isezakichojamachi (伊勢佐木長者町) " station on Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line.
12 min. on foot from "Kannai (関内) " station on Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line, JR Keihin Tohoku Line, Negishi Line and Yokohama Line.


Required time to each major station

7 min. to “Yokohama ” station
20 min. to “Kawasaki ” station
36 min. to “Haneda Airport Terminal 3 ” station
31 min. to “Shinagawa ” station
41 min. to “Tokyo ” station

What kind of place is “Kanagawa” ?


Population / Number of households

Kanagawa: 9,232,794 people /4,308,715 households *+172,537 compared to 2012

Yokohama City: 3,771,961 people / 1,781,879 households / 2.14 people per household *+73,133 compared to 2012

Southern District: 197,672 people / 105,755 households / 1.89 people per household * +2,500 people compared to 2012


Population of workers

Kanagawa: 5,084,404 people *+201,433 compared to 2015

※2nd in Japan / 1st: Tokyo (8,276,754 people), 3rd: Osaka (4,709,616 people)
※Main industries: Wholesale and Retail 15.5%, Manufacturing 13.5%, Medical welfare 12.4%, Information and communications 7.5%

Yokohama City: 1,999,392 people
Minami-ku only: 107,975 people

In Kanagawa, both the population and the population of workers have been increasing.

Listed Companies

Many companies that contribute to the development and growth of Japan are based there.

In Yokohama City: 117 companies


There are many places to relax and enjoy seasonal plants.

In Yokohama City: 2,703 locations


There are not only general hospitals, but also various clinics, so it is perfect for those who suddenly feel sick or get sick for single life.

In Yokohama City: 133 hospitals, 3,067 clinics and 2,120 dental clinics


Many students, who will be active in the future of Japan, are studying hard every day.

In Yokohama: 18 universities (84,164 students)

Cultural facilities

Facilities where you can get exposure to history, art, and nature are nearby.

In Yokohama City: 46 facilities (History 28 / Art 6 / Science 4 /Zoo 3/ Botanical Garden 1 /Aquarium 2 / General Museum 2)

Fascination of Kanagawa

Number of tourists: 117.25 million people in 2021 *+8.77 million compared to 2020

The number of tourists visiting Kanagawa has been tend to increase since 2001, reaching a record high of 204.67 million in 2019.

The declaration of emergency due to the Covid-19 has resulted in fewer tourists, but on October 11, 2022, infection control measures were relaxed, and individual travel has been permitted since then.

According to the “DBJ/JTBF Survey of Foreign Tourists Visiting Japan from Asia, Europe, US, and Australia” jointly conducted by the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) and the Japan Travel Bureau Foundation (JTBF), in response to this question, “Which country would you like to visit once Covid-19 come to an end ? ”, Japan ranked 1st among those living in Asia, and 2nd among those living in Europe, US, and Australia.

Survey results/

◆ Countries selected by residents in Asia
1st: Japan (56%)・2nd: South Korea (30%)・3rd: Taiwan (23%)・4th: Thailand (19%)・5th: Singapore (17%)

◆ Countries selected by residents in Europe, US, and Australia
1st: US (28%)・2nd: Japan (24%)・3rd: Canada (20%)・4th: UK (19%)・5th: Australia/France (17%)


Even in Kanagawa, the area around Yokohama Station, where popular sightseeing place such as Minato Mirai , the Red Brick (Aka-renga) Warehouse , Chinatown , and Yamashita Park gather , is popular regardless of nationality as a place that everyone will never get tired of visiting.


In addition to revenge trips as the Covid-19 is coming to an end, new commercial facilities are planned to opening in various places, so

Towns in Yokohama may be livelier than ever.


What kind of people live in Yokohama ?


Our new project "CONCIERIA YOKOHAMA KANNAI " has not only easy access to Yokohama Station, but also to the business area such as administrative facilities are concentrated, so it will gain popularity from working people.


※These are CG image, not an actual building.

◆ Recommended room / Studio (1K)・B2Type (20.60 ㎡)◆


Why should people choose this project and want to live there for a long time ?

Not only the design but also the heat insulation and sound insulation, and the high quality of each facility,we have introduced a security system in partnership with ALSOK, and support a safe life 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

with a delivery box, Wi-Fi, and an LED ceiling light with a projector as standard adapts to diversified lifestyles and provides a comfortable living space.

"CONCIERIA " created by “CLEARTH LIFE ” provides you with a blissful time.

We should be a "Concierge" who is close to you in every situation, from property selection to operational advice.
We won't only plan, develop and sell projects, but also handle all the real estate-related solution businesses such as lease management, selling brokerage, and building management, and will provide comprehensive support.


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