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New apartments that CLEARTH LIFE recommends with confidence―CONCIERIA YOKOHAMA MAITAKOEN

New apartments that CLEARTH LIFE recommends with confidence―CONCIERIA YOKOHAMA MAITAKOEN


Address:1-12-4, Miyamoto-cho, Minami-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Structure / Scale:Reinforced Concrete / 10 floors above ground
Total units:44 units (excluding manager’s room)
Floor plan:Studio・1K
Exclusive area:20.00㎡ - 22.48㎡ (excluding balcony)
Completion:March 2023

Transportation: 3 stations and 2 lines are accessible on foot 

A town with downtown culture and the four seasons

6 min. on foot from "Minami-ota " station on Keikyu Main Line
6 min. on foot from "Yoshinocho " station on Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line
7 min. on foot from "Maita " station on Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line


Required time to each major station

By Keikyu Main Line:

  8 min. to “Yokohama ” station 
15 min. to “Minatomirai ” station
31 min. to “Shinagawa ” station 
35 min. to “Haneda Airport Terminal 3 ” station

By Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line:

  7 min. to “Sakuragicho ” station
23 min. to “Shin-yokohamama ” station
45 min. to “Shibuya ” station



Business district :Sakuragicho  / Kannai
Commercial area :Yokohama  / Minatomirai 21 / Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
Gardens, Parks :Maita Park / Shimizugaoka Park / Nogeyama Park 

■ Feature

"Various activities to create new attractions "
"Beautiful scenery with the four seasons "
"Commercial facilities that enhances the comfort of living "

Minami-ku , which is close to the center of Yokohama, is a city full of humanity with lively shopping streets and privately owned shops.The Ooka River runs through the center of Minami-ku, and the area along the river is crowded with a lot of people as one of the best cherry blossoms viewing places in Yokohama.

All kinds of festivals such as the Cherry Blossom Festival and Bon Odori (Bon dance) are also actively held.Minami-ku is a city full of charm and vitality.

Maita Park

In Maita Park, the "Minami Cherry Blossom Festival ", which is bustling with stage events, bazaars, and stalls, is held in March, and the Light Promenade is held in December.

In addition to the art event (illumination) that has held since 2008, various events have been held so far, such as "Canoe of Light" by the Yokohama City Canoe Association, performances by the Japanese drum group "Bachiatari" and a local junior high school brass band, disaster prevention camps and traffic safety quizzes.


Cherry Blossoms along the Ooka River

There are some cherry blossoms viewing spots along the Ooka River.

Ooka River Promenade

About 700 cherry trees are lined up along the Ooka River for about 5km.During the flowering season (from March 24th to April 9th), the cherry blossoms are illuminated, and a lot of people come to see them day and night.

Kotohira Otori Shrine

The "Tori no Ichi (open-air market) ", a registered intangible cultural asset of Yokohama City, is held in November.There are about 300 stalls, such as a stall selling Kumade (rakes), which are lucky charms to pray for family safety and good business.

Osannomiya Hie Shrine

The largest portable shrine in Yokohama is paraded through the parishioners area every year, and the main festival is held in odd-numbered years.40 large and small portable shrines are paraded through the town and the town becomes lively.These are still attractive as downtown culture.


[Open in October 2022]

VIERRA Maita  (19 stores / supermarket, DAISO, gym, study classroom, medical welfare facility, etc.)Grocery stores such as FUJI, Inageya, MaxValu Express, the other commercial supermarkets, etc.There is not only a complex facility near the station but also supermarkets and discount stores that are open until late at night nearby, so it is very convenient.


This project consists of 44 units on 10 floors, in earth colors that blend in with the city, right in front of a green park that colors the four seasons.The building entrance is decorated with stately granite, and the interior of the building is open to the upper floors, creating a bright and open space.



The units are in the southeast and northwest sides of the building, and the northwest units face Maita Park .

◆Recommended room plan: 1K (Type D / 21.57㎡)◆


You can see beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, fresh greenery in summer, and even Mt. Fuji on a clear day.*The view depends on the unit.

"CONCIERIA MAITAKOEN " provides a comfortable living space for diversified lifestyles.

"CONCIERIA  " created by “CLEARTH LIFE ” provides you with a blissful time.
We should be a "Concierge" who is close to you in every situation, from property selection to operational advice.We won't only plan, develop and sell projects, but also handle all the real estate-related solution businesses such as lease management, selling brokerage, and building management, and will provide comprehensive support.


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