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New apartments that CLEARTH LIFE recommends with confidence ―CONCIERIA NAKANO-YAYOICHO THE RESIDENCE―

New apartments that CLEARTH LIFE recommends with confidence ―CONCIERIA NAKANO-YAYOICHO THE RESIDENCE―


Address:4-28-6, Yayoicho, Naokano-ku, Tokyo
Structure / Scale:Reinforced Concrete / 4 floors above ground
Total units:25 units (excluding manager’s room)
Floor plan:1K・1K+WIC+SIC・2LDK
Exclusive area:25.56㎡・49.00㎡ (excluding balcony)
Completion:July 2023

Transportation: 3 stations are accessible on foot.

8 min. on foot from "Nakano-Fujimicho " station on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line.
10 min. on foot from "Nakano-Shimbashi " station on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line.
15 min. on foot from "Shin-Nakano " station on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line.


Nakano-ku , the location of this apartment, is adjacent to Shinjuku-ku, home to Shinjuku Station, renowned for having the highest number of passengers in the world.

Shinjuku Station, which serves 15 lines, is used by 3.59 million people a day and is a transportation hub for Tokyo. In addition to trains, the large-scale bus terminal, "Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal (SEBT) " is directly connected to Shinjuku Station, making it very convenient to travel to 300 cities in 39 prefectures nationwide.

SEBT ” has a maximum of 1,625 buses arriving and departing per day (averaging 1,500 buses), and as of the end of October 2022, the number of passengers has exceeded 50 million. Some of the world's best hotels, such as Hilton Tokyo and Park Hyatt Tokyo , are located near Shinjuku Station. Many businessmen and travelers from Japan and abroad gather here. Additionally, there are department stores, brand shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities suitable for visitors of all ages, providing a delightful experience for all.

The nearest station to this apartment is “Nakano-fujimicho Station ” on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line . The Marunouchi Line, which was the second to open after the Ginza Line, is popular for its frequent service and coverage of major areas, including Shinjuku , Kasumigaseki , Ginza , Tokyo , and Otemachi .


Living Environment

Near the station, you'll find elementary, junior high, and high schools, making it a safe and attractive location for singles as well as young families in their 20s and 30s. The surrounding population is growing, and there are a lot of convenient amenities, including supermarkets, home improvement stores, and restaurants.

6 supermarkets within walking distance

・Aeon My Basket (5 min. on foot)
・The Gyomu Super store (5 min. on foot)
・Life (5 min. on foot)
・Olympic (8 min. on foot)
・Supermarket Ozeki (9 min. on foot)
・Maruetsu Petit (9 min. on foot)



The town of Nakano-fujimicho has various parks. During weekends, the multipurpose sports field bustles with young individuals and children engaged in baseball and futsal. Moreover, Nakano-dori Street, the pedestrian route from the station to this apartment, is adorned with trees, offering a touch of nature in your daily life. Notably, there is a row of ginkgo trees from Nakano-fujimicho Station to this apartment, as well as a line of cherry blossom trees from Nakano station to Tetsugakudo park, creating a renowned cherry blossom viewing spot known as the Cherry Blossom Tunnel.

This apartment is located on a solid hill, providing an open atmosphere that is unique to the location. You can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle in a quiet residential area that doesn't feel like the busy city center.


■Labor Force

Tokyo's 23 wards host a total of 2,023 listed company headquarters. Among these, 395 companies are situated in the three wards of Nakano-ku , as well as the neighboring wards of Shinjuku-ku and Shibuya-ku , constituting approximately 20% of the overall total. Notably, a concentration of renowned companies is specifically observed in the Nishi-Shinjuku , Nakano-sakaue , and Nakano areas.

(Shinjuku area)

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT East)
Taisei Corporation
SONPO Holdings, Inc.
Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.
Toa Corporation
*In descending order of capital amount


(Nakano and Nakano-sakaue area)

Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.
Marui Group Co., Ltd.
Kurita Water Industries Ltd.
Bushiroad Inc.
Toei Animation Co., Ltd.
*In descending order of capital amount

Additionally, according to the 2020 national population census, 53.5% of Tokyo's population lives alone. Among the 23 wards, Shinjuku-ku has the highest proportion of individuals living alone at 63.7%, followed by Shibuya-ku at 61.4%, Toshima-ku at 60.9%, and Nakano-ku at 60.3%—all exceeding Tokyo's average. Consequently, there is a high demand for room rentals among those living alone, resulting in exceptionally stable rental occupancy rates in both Shinjuku-ku and Nakano-ku.

*Occupancy rate of apartments rental managed by CLEARTH RENT as of the end of August 2023


*Japanese real estate expertise

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【Master Lease Agreement” provided by CLEARTH RENT】

Education Hub with Great Schools

The area near Shinjuku and Nakano has a lot of schools and colleges. There are 15 universities and junior colleges within 3 km from this apartment indicating a potential demand for rentals from students and educators.


Medical Facilities Abundance

Nakano-ku has a well-equipped medical infrastructure, including general hospitals and over 570 large and small clinics. It is a city where even individuals living alone can experience a sense of security and peace.

Major hospitals within 3km from this apartment

Nitobe Memorial Nakano General Hospital
Tokyo Medical University Hospital
JR TOKYO General Hospital
Tokai University Tokyo Hospital


Ongoing Redevelopment Projects


Shinjuku, designated as "The Special Zone for Asian Headquarters, " is currently undergoing redevelopment and land readjustment in several areas across the city, particularly focusing on the west exit vicinity of JR Shinjuku Station.


2023: Tokyu Kabukicho Tower (48-story hotel and entertainment complex) *already opened on April 4
2024: Nishi-Shinjuku 5-chome Central South District (40-story tower apartment)
2025: Nishi-Shinjuku 1-chome District (complex facility)
2029: Shinjuku Station West Exit District (48-story high-rise complex)
2031: Nishi-Shinjuku 3-chome West District (commercial facilities and apartment)
2040: Shinjuku Station South Exit Area (19-story building with a hotel and stores / 37-story building with offices, stores, and a hotel)
2046: Area directly connected to Shinjuku Station (Shinjuku Grand Terminal reorganization)

*Completion Schedule (overall concept)


*What is "The Special Zone for Asian Headquarters "?

This initiative by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government establishes specific zones to attract foreign companies, with the goal of centralizing business operations for the Asian region in Tokyo. 6 areas have been designated for this purpose: central Tokyo and the waterfront, areas surrounding Shinagawa and Tamachi Station, areas around Shinjuku Station, areas around Shibuya Station, areas around Ikebukuro Station, and the former site of Haneda Airport.


2023: Nakano Ward New Government Building
2025: Nakano 2-chome and Nakano 3-chome District (20-story commercial building / 37-story tower apartment)
2026: Kakoicho East District (commercial buildings and apartments)
2026: North-South Road on the West Side of Nakano Station (road maintenance)
2027: Kakoicho West District (offices and apartments)
2028: Nakano Sunplaza City (62-story building with offices, apartments, and a hotel complex)


The ongoing extensive redevelopment projects around Nakano Station are often referred to as a "once-in-a-century large-scale redevelopment project ". There is growing anticipation for an improved living environment that offers greater convenience and comfort, along with the anticipated employment opportunities and economic benefits that will arise.

As a result of these ongoing redevelopments, the official land prices in  Nakano-ku have increased by +4.6% for residential areas, +5.2% for commercial areas, and +4.9% for all-use zones in 2023. This big rise in prices confirms that Nakano is one of the best places to live in Tokyo and is getting more valuable.


This four-story, 25-unit apartment building is stylishly designed, aiming to create a sophisticated urban residence where the soft light from downlights and the presence of carved wooden doors warmly welcome residents.



◆Recommended room plan / 1K (Type Ag / 29.65㎡)◆


The sophisticated living space prioritizes functionality and invites warm sunlight into your daily life.


◆Recommended room plan / 2LDK (Type H / 49.00㎡)◆


It will enhance your living experience by providing even greater comfort and a higher quality of life.


Why do people choose CONCIERIA and want to live there for a long time?

CONCIERIA offers not only exceptional design but also excellent heat insulation and sound insulation.

The high-quality equipment ensures a comfortable and enjoyable living experience. Additionally, CONCIERIA has partnered with ALSOK to provide a comprehensive security system that supports a safe and secure lifestyle 24/7, 365 days a year. Furthermore, residents can benefit from the convenience of common delivery lockers for receiving parcels, Wi-Fi and LED ceiling light with built-in projector and included TV tuner, which are included as standard equipment in each room. "CONCIERIA NAKANO-YAYOICYO THE RESIDENCE " offers a comfortable living environment that caters to diverse lifestyles.

"CONCIERIA " created by “CLEARTH LIFE ” provides you with a blissful time.

We should be a "Concierge " who is close to you in every situation, from property selection to operational advice.We won't only plan, develop and sell projects, but also handle all the real estate-related solution businesses such as lease management, selling brokerage, and building management, and will provide comprehensive support.


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