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New apartments that CLEARTH LIFE recommends with confidence ー CONCIERIA IKEGAMI THE RESIDENCE ー

New apartments that CLEARTH LIFE recommends with confidence ー CONCIERIA IKEGAMI THE RESIDENCE ー


Address:5-3-5, Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Structure / Scale:Reinforced Concrete / 5 floors above ground
Total units:35 units (excluding manager’s room)
Exclusive area:25.29㎡ - 41.46㎡ (excluding balcony)
Completion:March 2024

Transportation: 3 stations and 3 lines are accessible on foot.

9 min. on foot from "Ikegami " station on Tokyu Ikegami Line.
18 min. on foot from "Hasunuma " station on Tokyu Ikegami Line.
19 min. on foot from "Kamata " station on JR Keihin Tohoku Line・Negishi Line.
19 min. on foot from “Kamata " station on Tokyu Tamagawa Line.


Required time to each major station from “Ikegami ” station.

By Tokyu Ikegami Line:

4 min. to “Kamata ” station 
18 min. to “Gotanda ” station

By JR Keihin Tohoku Line・Negishi Line:

18 min. to “Shinagawa ” station
27 min. to “Yokohama ” station
32 min. to “Tokyo ” station
27 min. to “Haneda Airport Terminal 3 ” station (Transfer to the Keikyu Main Line from Keikyu-kamata Station)

Ota-ku is a ward located in the southeastern part of Tokyo. As a waterfront area, it was once popular for fishing and aquaculture. Situated on a plateau, it has long prospered as a comfortable place to live. Additionally, since it served as an important transportation route, many historical sites remain. Ota-ku is also known as a prestigious residential area, home to politicians and celebrities.

Ikegami , Ota-ku, where this CONCIERIA is located, is particularly renowned as a "monzen town " (temple town) where the traces of history and inherited traditions can be found. It is a vibrant town, home to many historical structures, including the main hall of Honmonji Temple , a five-storied pagoda , and traditional townhouses from the Meiji era. Additionally, there are numerous shops in the surrounding area.

Ikegami Station provides direct access to Gotanda Station via the Tokyu Ikegami Line. Gotanda Station connects to three lines: the JR Yamanote Line, the Tokyu Ikegami Line, and the Toei Asakusa Line, making travel around Tokyo very convenient.


① “Ikegami ”: A town where nature and history intertwine.
② “Gotanda ”: A burgeoning hub of development.
③ “Shinagawa ”: The vanguard of next-gen business.

① “Ikegami ”: A town where nature and history intertwine.

According to the Ota City Urban Planning Master Plan, Ikegami is considered an important historical and cultural area, along with Omori and Kamata. It flourished as a temple town, with 12 shopping street associations forming an atmospheric streetscape, brimming with vitality. Long-established stores, passed down from generation to generation, still remain unchanged. The townscape is imbued with the atmosphere of a temple town, transporting you back in history to experience the culture and life of that era.

Ikegami is famous as the birthplace of "Kuzumochi " (a type of Japanese cake). The Ikegami Honmonji Street Shopping Association hosts the top three Kuzumochi restaurants: Asanoya, Ikedaya, and Fujinoya, where you can enjoy the traditional taste and flavor from the Edo period. The 12 shopping street associations collectively boast approximately 600 stores, offering a variety of services that allow visitors to experience Japanese tradition. It has become a popular tourist attraction, appealing to both Japanese and international visitors, with activities such as an old folk house cafe, calligraphy classes, kimono dressing, potter's wheel experiences, and kiln firing.


Ikegami is renowned for "Ikegami Honmonji Temple, " which boasts a history of over 740 years and spans an extensive area of about 70,000 tsubo (≒ 231,000㎡) . The site is dotted with hundreds of cherry trees, including Yoshino cherry trees and Sasabe cherry trees, rare in the Kanto region. The region's oldest five-storied pagoda , dating back to 1608 and designated as an important cultural property, also has a significant presence. During the peak cherry blossom season, the temple becomes a bustling hub with stalls and many visitors. Various events are hosted monthly, including Hatsumode, Setsubun, the Spring Festival, Mitama Festival, and bazaars. The Ikegami Kaikan observation deck offers views of Mt. Fuji on clear days and a panoramic night view, making it a favored destination.


② “Gotanda ”: A burgeoning hub of development.

In the Gotanda area, including Osaki, large-scale redevelopment is underway. Commercial facilities, residential properties, nursery schools, public parks, and more are planned for the 16,000㎡ site, with completion scheduled for 2027.

Additionally, there are plans to rebuild the TOC Building (Tokyo Wholesale Center Building), located in Nishi-gotanda (8 minutes on foot from Gotanda Station), which has been cherished by locals as a wholesale market since 1970. A commercial and office complex, featuring 30 floors and spanning a floor area of 276,000 m², is set to be built. (Completion scheduled for 2027) The new complex is planned to be approximately 1.5 times larger than the current size, offering office space that spans 1,500 tsubo (≒ 4,950㎡).  High expectations are set for the further gathering of IT-related industries and venture companies, along with an increase in employment opportunities. The development is anticipated to attract many people, establishing it as a new landmark in Gotanda.

In December 2023, the "Gotanda JP Building " was completed in Nishi-gotanda. The building, which comprises commercial facilities such as offices, shared offices, and a hotel, has created new office space of approximately 960 tsubo (≒ 3,168㎡). On the ground floor, there is a food court designed around the concept of "Gotanda’s local town cafeteria. " It has become a focal point of interest, as it is open not only to office workers but also to local residents.


③ “Shinagawa ”: The vanguard of next-gen business.

Shinagawa has been a pioneer of innovation in modern Japan. Large-scale redevelopment is underway, aiming to transform it into an international exchange hub for the world.

Starting with Shinagawa Intercity, which was completed in 1998, redevelopment has been continuously progressing, transforming it into a major business hub. Shinagawa is home to many of Japan's leading companies, including Sony, Otsuka Holdings, and Zensho Holdings. The Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Urban Development has published the “Shinagawa Station and Tamachi Station Area Urban Development Guidelines 2020. ” As an international exchange hub that is expected to drive Japan's future growth, there is a master plan in place to actively attract companies from around the world, enhance the environment, and develop a new subway system.

The East Japan Railway Company (JR East) and Keikyu Corporation are currently developing a 33,500 ㎡ area around Shinagawa Station, aiming to integrate 'Ekimachi ' (station and town). The development plans include offices, stores, hotels, and parking lots.

Shinagawa Station will also serve as the starting point for the Linear Chuo Shinkansen , which is expected to connect Shinagawa to Osaka in just 67 minutes once operational. This significant advancement will link the Tokyo metropolitan area, the Chukyo area, and the Kinki area into one megacity, home to approximately 66.16 million people. As a result, the range of life and activities for residents and visitors alike will significantly expand.

Due to these reasons, the environment surrounding Ikegami boasts great accessibility and supports both a professional working environment and lifestyle. This makes it a popular choice for single workers and young couples, leading to a strong demand for rentals. Consequently, the occupancy rates of apartments developed by CLEARTH LIFE , which are managed and rented out by CLEARTH RENT , are exceptionally high and stable.

・In Ota-ku: 98.4%

*Among the CLEARTH LIFE group companies, CLEARTH RENT is responsible for rental management.

■Major companies in Ota-ku


■Major companies around Shinagawa Station (Konan area)


■Living environment

At Ikegami Station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line, improvements and redevelopments had been in progress since June 2017, culminating in the opening of the "etomo Ikegami " commercial facility directly connected to the station on March 30, 2021. Designed with motifs of lanterns and cherry blossoms, it reflects the Japanese culture of a temple town setting.

The facility spans multiple floors, with the 2nd floor hosting restaurants, convenience stores, and pharmacies; the 3rd floor featuring Tokyu Store, KALDI Coffee Farm, and cafes; the 4th floor offering a fitness gym, hot yoga studio, Ota City Ikegami Library, and Starbucks Coffee; and the 5th floor housing an after-school facility and clinics, catering to a wide demographic.

Furthermore, the station is encircled by 12 shopping streets and supermarkets such as Ozeki and Gyomu Super, ensuring convenience for daily shopping needs.



The stately property, consisting of 5 floors and 35 units, is located in a dignified residential area. The exterior is characterized by earthy colors, creating a classy and elegant space that blends with the calming cityscape. The hotel-like common hallway on the ground floor is designed to block views from outside, while the common hallways from the second to the fifth floors are designed with consideration for both privacy and daylight, allowing sunlight to filter through. They escort the residents to a blissful space.


◆ Recommended room plan / 1K (Type C / 25.40㎡)  ◆


*The photos were taken on March 30, 2024.
*Furniture shown is not included in the sale price.

◆ Recommended room plan / 1LDK+SIC (Type K / 41.46㎡)  ◆


*The photos were taken on March 30, 2024.

*Click here for the actual building videos

Why do people choose CONCIERIA and want to live there for a long time?

CONCIERIA offers not only exceptional design but also excellent heat insulation and sound insulation.

The high-quality equipment ensures a comfortable and enjoyable living experience. Additionally, CONCIERIA has partnered with ALSOK to provide a comprehensive security system that supports a safe and secure lifestyle 24/7, 365 days a year. Furthermore, residents can benefit from the convenience of common delivery lockers for receiving parcels, Wi-Fi and LED ceiling light with built-in projector and included TV tuner, which are included as standard equipment in each room. "CONCIERIA IKEGAMI THE RESIDENCE " offers a comfortable living environment that caters to diverse lifestyles.

"CONCIERIA " created by “CLEARTH LIFE ” provides you with a blissful time.

We should be a "Concierge " who is close to you in every situation, from property selection to operational advice. We won't only plan, develop and sell projects, but also handle all the real estate-related solution businesses such as lease management, selling brokerage, and building management, and will provide comprehensive support.


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