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【Why CLEARTH RENT is chosen by property owners?】

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【Why CLEARTH RENT is chosen by property owners?】

Why CLEARTH RENT is chosen by property owners?

~Importance of choosing a lease management company~

Lease management is really important in property investment.
In particular, we have often heard from overseas owners that it takes more time to solve problems because they cannot communicate with the person in charge smoothly, such as language differences and so on.

In order to maintain their asset value and operate them stably, it is necessary for owners to carefully choose a partner company responsible for property management.

The CLEARTH LIFE GROUP  provides a one-stop service not only condominium development and sales but also lease management, building management, and resale for second-hand market.


Among the group companies, CLEARTH RENT , which is responsible for lease management, was established in 1988, has 6 stores in Tokyo, and has been steadily increasing the number of their managing units.


Why CLEARTH RENT is chosen by property owners?

There are three main reasons why CLEARTH RENT  is chosen by owners among numerous lease management companies.

1. High tenant occupancy rate
2. Speedy tenant placement
3. Support system for owners

■1. High tenant occupancy rate

CLEARTH RENT  manages over 8,500 units mainly in central Tokyo.

Over the past 10 years from 2013, the average tenant occupancy rate is 99.18%.

Even in the 31 months from April 2020 to October 2022, when immigration restrictions were imposed due to the Covid-19 and demand for foreign workers and students decreased, the average occupancy rate remained relatively stable at 98.54%.

Not only due to the good location selected carefully, but also its high-quality specifications and equipment, and the 24-hour support service for tenants by CLEARTH RENT  provide a safe and comfortable life for tenants, so they have been upheld for a long time.

■2. Speedy tenant placement

Their departments, which are brokerage for leasing, corporate sales for leasing and outsourcing leasing to other agencies, work together to prioritize "Speedy tenant placement " first.


CLEARTH RENT’s 12 Strategies

Brokerage for leasing

1. Enhancement of the company's official website
2. Posting on major portal websites such as SUUMO and HOME'S
3. Support by sales staff, who are familiar with managed properties, at 6 stores in Tokyo
4. Assign persons in charge of advertising and implement measures on the Internet

Corporate sales for leasing

5. Sales activities to over 1,000 corporate customers and major partner companies
6.New corporate customers development
7. Expective tenant referrals from partner companies and corporate housing agencies
8. Cooperation with a team, which handles leasing for short -stay

O utsourcing leasing to other agencies

9. Visiting other agencies that already have achievements
10. Regular information sharing to over 1,700 agencies
11. Advertisement design to attract to people that is looking for a room
12. Using websites for brokerage companies

After a request for lease management from an owner, CLEARTH RENT  will promptly handle it from tenant placement, tenant's background examination, signing the lease, its contract renewal, and termination procedure.

■3. Support system for owners

In order to maximize the profitability of owners' properties, CLEARTH RENT  has a thorough management system and provides more comprehensive services.

1. Before tenant move-in: CLEARTH RENT  will act on behalf of all the procedure, such as reporting the tenant examination result, signing the lease and handing over the room key.

2. During tenant living: The repair costs are guaranteed up to the upper limit amount by the home equipment warranty service.

3. After tenant move-out: CLEARTH RENT  will promptly handle all the procedure, such as attending the move-out for checking what needs to be repaired and who should pay that, estimating and arranging restoration work, and creating the report for owners.

4. Through the App* that supports JapaneseEnglish , and Chinese , all the owners can have stress-free communication, and can check the income and expenditure any time soon, so it will be user-friendly to manage.

*Please refer to the following URL for the APP.

5CLEARTH SUBLEASE , which is our group company, can also rent the owner's room as lessee, so the owner can gain stable rental income every month without the risk of vacancies.


For overseas owners, Japan's law, "Act on Land and Building Leases ", is confusing, and it seems like there are also differences from customs in their home countries.


CLEARTH LIFE GROUP  provides services that the owners can own their property with peace of mind.


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