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“Master Lease Agreement” provided by CLEARTH RENT

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“Master Lease Agreement” provided by CLEARTH RENT

“Master Lease Agreement” provided by CLEARTH RENT

CLEARTH SUBLEASE , which is our group company, can also rent overseas owner's room as lessee in order to gain "stable rental income every month " without the risk of vacancies.


As shown in the scheme above, an owner and CLEARTH SUBLEASE conclude a Master Lease Agreement and then sublease to a tenant.The tenant only concludes a lease agreement with CLEARTH SUBLEASE .

CLEARTH RENT handles lease management on behalf of the owner.

■ Main task contents of CLEARTH RENT

1. All the procedures such as signing the lease agreements, adjusting conditions, renewing agreements, canceling agreements

2. Rent collection from tenants and transferring it to the owners

3. Attending tenant move-out for checking what needs to be repaired and who should pay that, estimating and arranging restoration work

4. Maintenance of rooms

(Handling room equipment failure / Managing ventilation during vacancy and cleaning rooms / Handling complaints from residents and neighbors)

5. Procedures for a sublease agreement and lease management for it

6. Providing information on market rent prices in neighboring areas

7. Updating the income and expenditure sheet and uploading to the APP

*There is no need for the owner to get in touch with the tenant directly.


■Contract period of Master Lease Agreement

Renewable every 4 years

* In the second year, which is the half of each period, if it can be determined that the existing rent price is unsuitable by comparing it with the current rent market in the neighboring area, both parties can discuss the rent price of the next two years.

■ How to receive the Master Lease rent

Remittance every 3 months

*Master Lease rent is based on the total amount of 3 months, withholding tax, room decoration maintenance fee, housing equipment repair warranty fee, building maintenance fee, sinking fee, overseas remittance charges, repair fee (if paid by the owner) will be deducted and remitted to the bank account specified by the owner.

■ The housing equipment repair warranty service

In principle, the owner will have to pay the necessary repair costs to ensure the basic functions of the housing equipment during the period of Master Lease Agreement.

Air conditioners, gas water heaters, a heater and laundry dryer in the bathroom and so on, for example.

The warranty service supports housing equipment with the fee of JPY 1,000 (excluding tax) per month in order not to need to pay sudden costs.In this way, we will help owners with stable property investment.

11 items are covered by the warranty.

1. Air conditioner
2. Range hood / Exhaust fan
3. Intercom
4. Gas water heater
5. Bidet seat with heating function
6. Induction cooker / Electric stove
7. Gas stove
8. Heater and laundry dryer in the bathroom
9. Electric water heater
10. Front loader washing and drying machine
11. Refrigerator

*Equipped items differ depending on the project.


Repair costs will be covered in accordance with the warranty regulations.

There is a maximum amount of repair costs for each item, but the warranty service can be used "as many times as you need" during the warranty period.

If the maximum amount is exceeded, the owner will pay for the "excess amount only".


■ Master Lease Agreement documents

The documents in Japanese will be the official and original text.

We prepare English and Chinese translations of the documents so that owners can fully understand the points to need to keep in mind when concluding an agreement.

■ Rent remittance report and Q&A with owners

We have introduced an App for overseas owners.

It is available in 3 languages, Japanese , English , and Chinese , so even overseas owners can use it.In addition, the owners can check their own property information and the status of income and expenditure at any time soon.

The owners can keep in touch with us for consultation about leasing , building management and resale via its Chat function.

There are new property information and related columns in the App, so the owners can use it for various information gathering.


*Please refer to the following URL for the APP.


We value the owners' voice so that we can keep our customers' valuable assets and provide management services that meet the needs of the times.


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