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Building management by CLEARTH COMMUNITY

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Building management by CLEARTH COMMUNITY

【Building management by CKEARTH COMMUNITY】

CLEARTH LIFE Group not only develops and sells the apartments, "CONCIERIA ", in good locations, but also provides property services such as lease management, building management, and resale.


CLEARTH COMMUNITY , which is responsible for building management services, was established in September 1994 and has been entrusted with the management of 743 buildings, 31,587 units. *As of March 2023

In addition to the building management of our own projects, "CONCIERIA ", CLEARTH COMMUNITY provides a wide range of management services to satisfy the management associations and residents.
For example, building management for other office building and nursing care facilities , parking lot management , accounting for management associations , arrangement for large-scale repair work , fire insurance agency business , etc.

Importance of building management

The building value is greatly influenced by the quality of the building management.

CLEARTH COMUNITTY emphasizes 6 management works.

1 Administrative work

(1) Operational assistance for management associations by dedicated staff
(2) Accounting work such as bank account management and reminders for accounts receivable
(3) Reporting monthly income and expenditure, and reporting after fiscal terms

2 Building Management / Building cleaning

(1) Guidance and training for building managers and cleaning staff
(2) Inspection and reporting of management status by patrol managers (once a month)
(3) Management status inspection and improvement guidance by CLEARTH LIFE Group directors (twice a year)

3 Facility management

(1) Regular inspection and reporting of equipment in common areas such as water supply and fire fighting
(2) Proposal and implementation of repair work for items pointed out for improvement

4 Large-scale repair work

(1) Preparation of long-term repair plan and regular diagnosis of building deterioration
(2) Operational assistance for the repair committee
(3) Implementation of large-scale repair work and follow-up service

5 Emergency reception work

(1) Around-the-clock online security by the associated security company
(2) Around-the-clock response for troubles in the building by the emergency center

6 Comprehensive follow-up services

(1) Non-life insurance agency business: proposal of suitable insurance in case of accidents
(2) App for overseas owners: chat function for Q&A, distribution of our bland-new projects and our latest news (Available in Japanese, Chinese and English)


More details will be introduced in the next article.
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