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Building management by CLEARTH COMMUNITY No.2

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Building management by CLEARTH COMMUNITY No.2

1. Administrative work

■ Reducing the burden of operating the management association

Building management is usually operated by the management association composed of the owners, but it brings on burdens such as coordinating opinions and paperwork.In order to reduce the burden and solve problems, experienced dedicated staff will make a solution and assist.

(Main assistance work)

Assistance for operating regular general meetings and association board meetings
Communication with local governments and neighborhood associations
Assistance with fire prevention manager's work *According to the Fire Service Act, dedicated fire prevention manager is required to manage fire prevention.

*We could also operate as the manager on their behalf

■ Transparent and reliable accounting

CLEARTH COMMUNITY  has acquired the international quality assurance standard "ISO 9001:2015" and provides a safe, transparent accounting system and reliable accounting services for the management associations.

2. Building Management / Building cleaning

CLEARTH COMMUNITY  guides and trains the building managers to give hospitality to the residents as well as visitors.

■  Extensive guidance and training system:

CLEARTH COMMUNITY  regularly trains the building managers and cleaning staff to give specialized knowledge and skills.They often hold study sessions to report on various problems and to further deepen friendships with the dedicated staff and the patrol managers.

■ Cleaning work to maintain the living environment:

Cleaning work is essential to maintain the beauty of the building.By continuing to clean properly, the building can be not only kept clean, but also prevented from deterioration of each part.Based on the manuals of their own daily cleaning and regular cleaning, the staff has maintained for the comfortable living environment including pruning and watering plants.

(Main activities)

Holding study sessions 
Guidance and training on reporting documents
Training through Q&A sessions based on examples
On-site training on equipment, etc.


3. Facility management

■Regular inspection of building equipment:

Specialized technical staff regularly does highly reliable "legal inspections" and "optional inspections".In addition, in the unlikely trouble occurs, the "CONCIERIA 24 Emergency Center " will contact each specialized company and resolve as soon as possible.

■ Regular building inspection:

CLEARTH COMMUNITY  regularly inspects the entire building by architects and facility management engineers, and report and propose to the management association the parts that need to be repaired in order to maintain and manage the building.

(Main inspection work)

Maintenance and inspection of water supply and drainage equipment
Equipment inspection and comprehensive inspection of firefighting equipment
Regular inspection and legal inspection of elevator
Maintenance and inspection of mechanical parking lots
Deterioration diagnosis of the entire building

4. Large-scale repair work

■ Long-term repair plan:

CLEARTH COMMUNITY  prepares a "long-term repair plan (for 30 years) " based on the standard repair cycle that they set for each part based on examples, assuming various repair work that should be necessary in the future due to deterioration over time.

In the long-term repair plan, the total cost of repair work estimated during a certain period and the long-term sinking fund for it can be checked easily, so the management association can make an accurate financial plan.When the construction period rolls around, CLEARTH COMMUNITY  proposes a preliminary investigation to the management association.Then they preparer the repair work plan including a budget, and propose it to the management association.

■ Financial plan:

Financial planning is especially important in the long-term repair plan.By calculating the estimated repair cost in advance and collecting the sinking fee in stages, the management association can reduce the lump-sum collection at the time of large-scale repairs.In addition, by reviewing the income and expenditure every five years, CLEARTH COMMUNITY  propose an updated repair plan to the management association.


5. Emergency reception work

Online security by the associated security company and the emergency center for troubles in common equipment and troubles in the apartment are available 24 hours per day.


6. Comprehensive follow-up services

We offer carefully selected helpful services.

We have introduced an App for overseas owners.
It is available in 3 languages, JapaneseEnglish , and Chinese , so even overseas owners can use it.In addition, the owners can check their own property information and the status of income and expenditure at any time soon.The owners can keep in touch with us for consultation about building management and tax consultation via its Chat function.There are new property information and related columns in the App, so the owners can use it for various information gathering.

*Please refer to the following URL for the APP.

CLEARTH COMMUNITY  has been also actively working on the following digitalization with the trend of the Ages.

Website management for Japanese owner to check the building management status
Reporting management work and holding the management association's meetings via video conference system
Implementation of online banking to simplify procedures
Digitization of monthly reports

In addition, in order to improve the quality of the building management services, they conduct questionnaires for the owners every year, clarify various problems, and work to improve them.

■What CLEARTH COMMUNITY  has been working on recently:

Metered parking operation by renting vacant parking lots
Expanding installation of charging equipment for electric cars (EV)
Registration to the Apartment management aptitude evaluation system
Implementation of LUUP (e-bike and e-scooter sharing system:


CLEARTH COMMUNITY  works every day to keep the owners' valuable assets.


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