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CONCIERIA purchase process for non-residents of Japan

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CONCIERIA purchase process for non-residents of Japan

In Japan, non-residents are generally allowed to purchase properties. However, in reality, the languages and customs can be different, so many people would like to know how to make a purchase. We, CLEARTH LIFE , handle everything from purchase applications to sales purchase contracts and handovers, based on over 10 years of international sales experience to non-residents. We support you through the property purchase process in a simple and friendly manner.

Let's take a look at the actual process of purchasing CONCIERIA .

❶ Purchase Booking:

As a general rule, there is no "booking " system when purchasing CONCIERIA . You can secure a unit only after you have definitively decided to make a purchase, expressed your intention, and confirmed the date for the down payment.

❷ Payment of Down Payment:

For CONCIERIA , a down payment of 5-10% of the  purchase price is required, and this amount is applied to the purchase price. The payment method will be by bank remittance.

❸ Conclusion of Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA):

Upon confirmation of the down payment, the SPA will need to be signed. If you are signing the SPA without physically visiting Japan, it will be done by courier. The original agreement is in Japanese, but translations (English and Chinese ) are also provided for reference.

❹ Procedures for Ownership Registration:

In Japan, it is necessary to register ownership as proof of property ownership. A specialized judicial scrivener will handle the actual procedures on your behalf. We arrange judicial scriveners who are proficient in English and Chinese , allowing you to entrust the procedure directly to a judicial scrivener.

❺ Obtaining Comprehensive Housing Insurance:

You have the option to obtain comprehensive home insurance, covering fire, earthquake, and other risks, for your property. Insurance premiums can be paid directly to the insurance company (credit cards are accepted), or you can pay them through us along with miscellaneous expenses at the time of purchase.

❻ Payment of Final Balance and Miscellaneous Expenses:

Once the aforementioned procedures are completed, we will need to confirm the handover date. Approximately two weeks before this date, you will receive an invoice for the final balance of the purchase price and miscellaneous expenses related to the purchase. Payment is to be made by bank remittance, due one week before the handover date.

*Miscellaneous expenses refer to the following: 

Heading registration fee
Stamp duty (for SPA)
Registration costs (registration and license tax / judicial scrivener commission)
Management fund (lump-sum)
Sinking fund (lump-sum)
Housing insurance premium (optional)
Fixed asset tax / City planning tax (prorated on a daily basis in the year of purchase)

❼ Ownership Registration / Handover:

As mentioned above, the registration procedure will be handled on your behalf by a judicial scrivener, so your presence is not required. Confirmation of registration completion can be made through the registration receipt (copy) issued by the Legal Affairs Bureau on the same day. The actual title documents, along with other payment receipts and related documents, will be sent to you by courier approximately one month later.

Now, you can purchase CONCIERIA without the need to visit Japan. Of course, our professional staff will provide full support throughout the entire process.

After purchasing CONCIERIA , we also provide support for both cases of using the property for self-use or renting it out. Additionally, we arrange tax accountants who are proficient in English and Chinese to handle the necessary tax-related tasks during property ownership, allowing you to directly entrust the procedures to a tax accountant. Furthermore, if you decide to sell your property for any reason in the future, we will serve as a brokerage and help with the resale.

*Reference page:

In this way, the CLEARTH LIFE Group offers a comprehensive range of services, from property purchase to handover, post-purchase support, and assistance with future resale. Our one-stop support ensures that even non-residents can make their purchase with confidence.

Why not take advantage of this opportunity to consider purchasing CONCIERIA ?



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