The use of CONCIERIA is totally dependent on owners.
For self-use, office use or for investment purpose...
The CLEARTH LIFE Group supports all of these purposes.

Setting for Living

Please imagine that you actually started living in Tokyo, you might face various troubles such as how to use facilities and how to set utilities.
Even small things, we support you with solutions.
So that owners can fully enjoy their life in Tokyo.

Support for Interior

For the first time in Tokyo life, it is hard to select the right size furniture and electric appliances.
 We also support with the interior designer to order furniture and decorate room.
 Owners can live in a room with their taste.

Leasing and Selling

Once owners decide to vacate the room in the future, there are two options "Lease" or "Sell".
 Our group companies will support lease management for investment or sell it in the secondhand market.
 Even if there is sudden life change in the future, there is nothing to worry about.

For Investment

As a stable asset in your portfolio

We have a packaged investment system so that owners abroad can hold assets in Tokyo with peace of mind.

Guaranteed Rent System

Guaranteed Rent System

We have a system that our group company rents owner's unit and sublease to a tenant.
We have a full obligation to pay monthly rent to owners.
Therefore, even if there is no tenant, the owner still gets rental income every month.
Guaranteed rent is renewed every 4 years.
Owner will be able to realize a stable investment.

Visualized Expenditure

We make the expenditure well visible.
Sinking fund for common area in a property is calculated under long-term repair plan.
In addition, the repair cost to be paid by owner in the exclusively-owned area and repair / replacement cost due to aged deterioration of equipment are set as the flat rate system.
We offer stable income and expenditure to owners.

Arrangement of Taxes and Mortgages

We arrange multilingual tax accounting office on taxes and also various banks for mortgage support.
We support owners multifacetedly for their asset formation.

 Access the property information and balance whenever you want

You can check the property information in the app at your convenience.
You can also browse your balance and download your balance report.
No need to contact and wait for the management company's reply each time.

Preferable language

You can set your preferable language by yourself. (Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese)
You can also convert and browse your income and expenditures into preferable currency.

Chat function

You can make inquiries and send/receive documents through chat in the app.
You can also receive notifications about the management and operation of your property.
It is convenient since you can easily exchange documents from the chat function.

Currently on Sale


    Tokyo’s Timeless Heritage

    Completion: March.2024 / Price: 34.4 Million JPY ~


    "Yokohama Sakuragucho" Timeless Radiance

    Completion: June.2007 / Price: 27.4 Million JPY ~


    "Kawasaki", Tradition Meets Tech Innovation

    Completion: December.2023 / Price: 36.4 Million JPY ~



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