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Positive check points when you buy a property!! What is the Housing Performance Evaluation on Designing and Construction?

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Positive check points when you buy a property!! What is the Housing Performance Evaluation  on Designing and Construction?

What points do you check when you buy a property? 

From investment point of view, you may focus on a yield, location, environment, etc.
For self-use purpose, you may focus on accessibility, appearance of the building, management condition, etc.
However, the most important consideration points should be the safety and quality of the building.
We would like to talk about the “Housing Performance Evaluation on Designing and Construction” this time.


Point① What is Housing Performance Evaluation?

This is for the purpose of improving quality of real estate and to safeguard the owner’s property (apartment and house).
 “Housing Performance Evaluation” is carried out by a third-party organization based on the documents submitted by the applicant (property developer or construction company) at the time of design or during building construction based on the national screening standards.

 Point② Why we need Housing Performance Evaluation?

Japan is frequently hit by earthquakes. When an earthquake hit, which sometimes cause damage to properties. Building deterioration happens to all buildings as time passes by and there are the potential risks as well in an insufficient earthquake resistance.
In addition, we are in an aging society, many elderly people living in a building without elevators or barrier-free access service. That is not only inconvenient for them, but it can be dangerous as well.

In order to improve and maintain the good building safety and also the quality of life for residents, the Japanese Government had set up new evaluation system calls the “Housing Performance Evaluation” in 2000 as a national standard to be able to see the performance of house by grade and numerical value.
Since the performance evaluation had set up, only about 30% (reference from Housing Performance Evaluation center website) of properties have received the Performance Evaluation on Designing and Construction. Because of this, it is valuable in real estate industry.

The performance evaluation is divided into two stages: Design and Construction.


★Performance Evaluation on Designing

The design drawings are reviewed by a third-party organization to see if the apartment to be constructed is designed with the intended performance.
This is called the “Performance evaluation on Designing”.


★Performance Evaluation on Construction

It is called the “Performance Evaluation on Construction” that a third-party organization examines at any time of during construction work and completion stage, whether the apartment is built as intended.

Housing Performance Evaluation is assessed from the perspective of 35 points from 10 areas:

①Structure stability
②Fire safety
③Reduction of deterioration
④Consideration to maintenance and renovation
⑤Thermal environment and energy consumption
⑥Air environment include “Sick-house” syndrome
⑦Lighting environment (Natural lighting)
⑧Noise environment
⑨Consideration to elderly people and handicapped people
⑩Prevention of crimes


From the above-mentioned points, we can see and compare the quality of property easily and sufficiently through the performance valuation.
The Performance valuation is not mandatory to obtain, however if a property which you would like to buy have received the Performance Evaluation on Designing and Construction that may be more guaranteed on property.


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